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Storetech manufactures and sells light-weight tunnel-shaped storage shelters.

Our shelters were designed primarily to store and protect:

  • ·         Agricultural products, fertilizers, animal feed, etc.
  • ·         Building materials·        
  • Tractors and other equipment used in farming and horticulture

The number of practical uses for our shelters is mainly dependent on the individual requirements of our clients.

The advantages of using Storetech shelters:

  • ·         low cost per square meter of protected area
  • ·         very durable
  • ·         main construction fabricated from 90mm oval steel tube
  • ·         covered in 650g/m2 PVC material with certified fire-proof
  • ·         quick to assemble and dismantle
  • ·         easy to anchor without the need for groundwork
  • ·         length of the shelter is limited only to the size of the plot
  • ·         shape prevents snow accumulation



The structure is quick to assemble and dismantle thanks to non-weld connectors and secure anchors which do not require groundwork.